Team development

Get great work from your team

Our action-oriented team building programmes encourage fresh thinking, creative problem-solving, modern approaches to stress reduction and lasting, positive change for every member of your busy team.

I help diverse teams uncover their strengths, overcome differences and refine the way they accomplish group goals. We’ll explore the influence of personality styles, informed by my DISC accreditation – and discover how to bring out the best in individuals and the team as a whole.


How I can help you

Together, we’ll develop a unique workshop based on your challenges and objectives. The programme length, schedule and learning methods will vary with your goals. Workshops can take place at your office, at an external venue (suitable for team building exercises) or facilities provided by Mind Over Matter.

  • They vary in length from one-hour, half-day or full-day interactive formats
  • They incorporate a blend of exercises and activities shaped to your team
  • They can be supplemented with 1-1 coaching to enhance learning and behavioural change


Contact me today to learn about building a happier hive that just buzzes with productivity.


Leverage differences

Uncover how each person in your team prefers to set goals, learn new things, make decisions and communicate


Reduce conflict

By exploring its sources and developing conflict resolution skills

Supercharge your leadership

Refinine and tailor your own management style

Lead with inspiration

Helping you communicate with power and enthusiasm in a way that truly motivates employees


Open up communication

Connect more effectively with other team members


Recruit smarter

Identify the traits you need from a new employee and hire right the first time

Replicate the best

Understand your top performers and build productive teams led by the great examples

Retain talent

Understand what really motivates them and what you can do to deliver

Half-Day Team Shine Workshop – discover individual working preferences, understand various styles and maximise team strengths.

Full-Day Dream-Team Workshop – explore individual working styles and harness untapped potential for creativity and efficiency. We’ll also cover smart coping skills for high-pressure work environments as well as conflict resolution.

Previous Example Workshops

Half-Day Team Vision Workshop – uncover your team vision, purpose and annual objectives in a way that motivates and inspires. We’ll discuss challenges and set priorities as a group.

1-hr. Laughter Booster – add this delightful stress buster to any of the above sessions. We’ll lighten up together and explore how laughter lifts mood, knocks stress and pumps up morale.

“Janice has a great way with people – she’s a great listener and very empathetic, she was authoritative when she needed to be, and she was unflappable even in the face of a schedule that was very hard pressed for time. She took a lot of time to develop a programme with me that would meet our needs and our high and complex expectations.”

Tania Baumann

Chief of Staffs and Director of Operations , World Energy Council

“Janice is a fantastically positive warm and friendly coach, encouraging clients to be more confident and less stressed. Having attended one of her Mind over Matter Laughter coaching sessions I was sincerely impressed at her enthusiasm and welcoming approach. It certainly made us all laugh!“

Gillian Cross

Strategic Change Manager, Attendee At Corporate Laughter Session