About Me

Hi, I’m Janice

I’m a certified coach and facilitator who has worn many hats in the business world. I founded Mind Over Matter Coaching to solve the challenges I saw so often in the workplace: too much stress, jumbled teamwork and a fear of tackling problems creatively.

I know all about life as a high-achiever, but I’m also a kid at heart who strives daily to keep her balance, practice self-kindness and channel her (abundant!) energy in healthy ways. And that’s what I share with my clients.

Mind Over Matter is about bringing together the driven and determined parts of our nature with the creative spirit in each of us.

When we do, we can create clever systems for our lives and our work. We’ll spot fresh, innovative ways to get the results we crave—and find more satisfaction while we’re at it.

Qualifications and other serious bits

ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Programme for the workplace

Personal Performance Coaching Diploma from The Coaching Academy

A Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

DISC personality profiling accreditation

Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management

Honours Degree in Business Information Management

I'm a laughter expert

I’m trained in Laughter Yoga leadership, because yes, laughter is still the best medicine – especially at work.

I believe in what I do

I believe deeply in the power of facilitation in the workplace, having spent many years in HR supporting team-building and workplace satisfaction.

I've been there

I have managed various teams, large and small, and know that the right team culture and great morale can move mountains.

Are you ready for change? Contact me for an initial discussion.