Individual development

Working with you personally or with your company

It really doesn’t matter whether your business has hired me as your coach or you’ve found your way directly to me, my coaching approach and your coaching outcomes will be exactly the same.

I’ll help you clear your head and practice greater balance, calm and focus throughout your workday.  Even when deadlines loom, personalities clash or big changes hit the office.


You move at 100mph

Wondering how to fit career, family and friends into your life and still have time to eat


You’re a multi-tasking machine

Either physically or mentally doing five things at once most of the day.


Your brain is rebelling

You can’t focus on your current priority without a muddle of future ideas screaming for your attention too.

You’re simply burned out

If you’re ready to admit it, congratulations. That’s actually a great starting point.

How I can help you make sense of it all?

Flexible Approach

When we set about boosting your happiness and productivity at work, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Whilst we’ll use a structured process as our platform, our coaching programmes are flexible as we work together to meet your personal or business goals.

Each results focused session is built on empathy, trust and openness. You’ll come away with clear next steps, strategies to test-drive, and a desire to spring right into action.

Creative Thinking

I believe the most effective coaching is non-directive. Rather, it’s about asking the right questions to unlock a client’s own thinking and enable creative problem-solving.

That’s where breakthrough solutions and lasting results truly come from.

“Janice supported us through a coaching programme for four of our key senior managers who had been identified as having significant development potential. The programme was professionally organised, all the individuals got a lot out of it and we are seeing the benefits in their approach to work and the colleagues around them.”

David Lynch

Finance Director , Samworth Brothers Supply Chain

“I have found the coaching sessions an invaluable experience. The questioning techniques really helped focus my mind and also challenged my ways of thinking about certain situations. It has spurred me on to take action rather than procrastinate. Janice has a lovely manner and is great to work with”

Catherine McGlone

Commercial Manager , Event Management

“Janice is a great coach; the time I spend in the sessions is well invested. The sessions have meant challenging my ordinary behaviour and trying various different approaches. Janice is supportive in her coaching approach and like all great coaches expects me to define my actions at the end of each session.”

Henry Cowdry

Customer Quality Manager, Volkswagen Group

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