So you’re sat there, quietly hidden from the world, blitzing through a day’s work, feeling good about what you’re doing and progressing… well mostly. But there is one thing bothering you. You’d like to say its a little thing but on reflection its quite a big thing. That instant thought of it being a ‘big’ thing has all of a sudden sent you into panic. Your heart is racing. You know that you need to deal with it but you’re stuck, this ‘big’ thing is crippling you! This big thing called fear!

Have you been there?

When I was taking the move into self-employment, this little old friend of mine called Fear had a habit of creeping in. And if truth be told as I continue on my path, the fear continues. Thankfully I recognise that I’m not alone (we all have fears whether we care to admit them or not) and I’m also learning to deal with it. The fears that could well have crippled me if unaddressed are having less of an impact on me today.

So how did I deal with it? What did I do?

I took a huge dip into the world of self-development – I hired a coach, I invested time and effort into reading, webinars, seminars, workshops. Those things have been the best personal investment I could have made for sure but rather than send you out into the world searching for materials I wanted to share with you one of the activities that I’ve revisited a few times in my own journey.

It’s a twist on Brian Tracy’s work (a twist because I’ve added what I consider a vital stage in addressing your fears – Action!). I consider Brian Tracy a bit of guru in the field of personal development and I’ve had some great learnings from his work to date.

4 simple questions to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’

In his book ‘Goals’, Tracy says there are three key questions you should ask of yourself in dealing with your fears. I’d encourage you to do the same right now… So grab a pen and paper and lets get going…

At the top of your page, jot down your fear. Then considering this fear, answer the following :

  1. How does this fear hold me back?
  2. How does this fear help me?
  3. What would be my pay-off for eliminating this fear?

My add-on to Tracy’s questions is based on my own learning as a coach. I want to see some action, a commitment to make a change, take a step forward. So the fourth question for me is …

4.  What actions will I commit to today as one step forward in addressing that fear?

The thing I love about Tracy’s exercise is that it encourages you to reflect not only on what you are losing out on by holding onto your fear but also what you are gaining. Ultimately encouraging you to reflect on your fear from a place of strength. A great starting point I believe to give you the courage to overcome your fear, to see it as achievable and to encourage you to take action.

Over to you…

So what fears are you currently battling with? What would you like to find the courage to address? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what action you plan to take to overcome your fear/s.

Wanting help to address those fears?

If you’re struggling with making a commitment to action and would like to move out of your comfort zone, then please get in contact to discuss how my 1-1 coaching programme would work for you.

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear”

– Brian Tracy