The world of work is a busy place these days, busier than perhaps its ever been – at least it feels that way. The constant e-mails, calls, meetings, project deadlines, … and oh, let’s not forget the day job! You’re giving it your all, but sometimes you wonder if your all is enough. You can feel the weight of that expectation to do more laying heavily on your shoulders.

’Argh’ it feels tough doesn’t it?

Sure does. And you know what… it is ok to admit it… It is tough!

I’m hopeful that recognising the toughness has just made you feel a whole lot better already. It’s perhaps brought a real sense of relief. That relief is something I see often with my coaching clients when they begin their sharing with me. Whatever the challenge may be for them, that first step of admittance brings with it such relief that it prompts a sense of freedom in their minds.

So how do you keep that freedom?

Have you ever watched an athlete at the beginning of a race?  Focus and clarity of mind is just oozing from them. They are absolutely comfortable in their own skin and the job that they are there to do. To the world, they have that sense of calm. The reality is, regardless if you’re a renowned athlete or you’re an employee in business, keeping balance in your mind can be a tricky thing. It’s not easy! But it can become easier… with practise and if we know how!

Let me prompt you to take 10mins to relax, reflect and review what you could do differently in your current situation. In doing so, I encourage you to recall the time when you learnt to ride a bike. A balance that was once very tricky I’m sure, but perhaps now well practised. Really connect with those days and allow the mind to imagine the day when that balance of mind may also be so well practised for you too.

3 practical tips to keeping your mind in balance…

1. Know yourself : Most people in life are dealing on a daily basis with their self-talk (be that positive or negative). When you learnt to ride a bicycle, what was your self-talk saying to you? If there was an ‘I can do it’ or  even ‘I can’t do it’ – this may well have had an impact on your experience.

So my tip – stay alert to your self talk and keep your strengths to the forefront of your mind so you can challenge the sabotaging thoughts… daily!

2.  Please yourself first : Everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing, when you should be doing it. But the bottom line is that you can never please everyone! When you learnt to ride that bicycle, who taught you? Was it both parents input or just one? What did you take on board, what did you ignore?

So my tip – be prepared that whatever you choose to focus on will inevitably disappoint someone else. Keep your mind open to the feedback but let yourself figure out what’s right for you!

3. Keep your Focus : What I mean is multi-task less! Keep your concentration on the key priority in that moment. When you learnt to ride that bicycle, ask yourself did you do it whilst eating your lunch?  Having a conversation about your plans later? On the phone to someone? Or did you do it focussing 100% on the task at hand?

So my tip – Focus solely on what you need to do right now with your positivity on the skills and strengths you have to do it. Park those less important issues until later.


What’s your view?

I see balance of mind being just like riding a bicycle… learning to manage it, dealing with the obstacles and continuing to practise it enables me to enjoy it. What enables you to enjoy the balance of your mind? I’d love for you to share your comments – you never know who you may help along the way.

Do you need help and support to get that balance in your mind?

If you are struggling to maintain the balance of your mind and are interested in exploring my 1-1 coaching programme then please get in touch with me via e-mail I’d be happy to discuss if this programme is right for you.


‘My mind gets to wandering and I become troubled’

– Snoopy