Business Consultancy
What I Do

Great employees are your best assets. But remarkable teams are made, not born – and there are usually some obstacles on the way.  I’ll help you get an action when:

  • Communication is muddy – with frequent misunderstandings, dropped balls and a tendency to blame others.
  • Your people are stressed – and struggle to collaborate and meet deadlines.
  • Productivity is dropping– and you’re not sure how to energise your employees, reduce absenteeism or improve the choppy teamwork.
  • Change is nerve-wracking – you struggle to roll out changes, to empower employees to improve performance or assume new roles.
  • Competitive tensions mount – the demand for real business results is always present and that pressure hangs over all of your daily work.
  • You’re ready for a culture shift – and to clarify what your company stands for in a way that truly inspires every employee.

These are just a few of the everyday challenges I help organisation’s tackle.

Let’s get to the bottom of those breakdowns and turn co-workers into the great team they are meant to be.

Expertise & Experience

With a broad business background, extensive training and deep human resources expertise we create simple solutions to organisational challenges, great and small.

Creative Solutions

Mind Over Matter solutions are never one size fits all.  We’ll partner with you to create the bespoke programme that fits your needs.


There is no ‘I’ in team. We work with other businesses and associates to provide solutions and use selected experts that are most fitting for your organisation.


Time and quality are important factors and together we’ll use them efficiently to tackle the real problems facing whole teams and organisations.

Meaningful Results

Whilst it’s inspiring to see some quick wins, we don’t look for quick fixes for cultural issues.


We’re cost effective. We don’t have the large overheads that big businesses have and so we’re a competitive solution in the marketplace.

Are you ready for change? Contact me for an initial discussion.

How I Do It

We’ll work collaboratively with your organisation to understand its journey, strengths and unique hurdles. We’ll engage with employees to understand their concerns and what they need to be happier and more productive.

Next, we’ll review these challenges against your objectives, consider the priorities, your budget and timescales and develop a proposal that fits with your organisations cultural journey. You’ll see bespoke mixed with the most up to date research and best practice in the field of employee engagement and employee wellbeing.

Expect ease of implementation, creative ideas to encourage participation and suggestions on how to measure the impact of these solutions.

Bring the fun, focus, outstanding function back to your business.